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Moistly: The journey from (Arduino) idea to product

Last week, we started selling Moistly, a simple device that helps you remind to water your plants, when it senses that the soil is getting dry. Moistly was designed after quite a few people remarked that they would like a non-connected, simple device that reminds them to water their plants. As I had designed and […]

How to get you from Arduino noob to breadboarder in three steps

Quite some people have asked me lately: “I bought an Arduino a while ago, but I don’t know where to start?” This blog post aims to help those people: A post describing how you can get started with Arduino, learn and moving upwards from there. We will go from a bare Arduino and it’s programming […]

How to run an Arduino (clone) on a 9V battery for weeks or even months

About a year ago, I started building wireless sensors that needed to run on a battery. I quickly found out however that this wasn’t going to be easy: A battery would only last for a few days, before it would be gone. Browsing around the internet, I learned about the fantastic work of Jean Claude […]

How to build a 5$ Arduino (clone)

If you are like me and build projects with Arduino, you must have felt the frustration with ripping your project apart, because you wanted to build something else with that Arduino. I have had the same issue many times, so I decided to find a way to solve this once and for all. Hence, how […]

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How to go from (Arduino) prototype to (selling) product

While reading Arduino and DIY hardware forums, I noticed that quite a few people have questions about moving from an Arduino prototype to a (selling) product. Since I have done this a few times and have learned a lot during the years, I decided to share what I think is the best (quickest, cheapest and […]